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Self Improvement News

Why are modern men obsessed with self-improvement?

My friend recently met a man on a dating app and went out for dinner with him. When he arrived, the man announced that he didn’t drink. Nothing unusual about that: plenty of young men are abstemious t...


Reading Seductive Self-Improvement Articles Is Not The Answer

Ever since I was out of school, I fell in love with learning. At school, they forced me to study what I had zero interest in but when I was out of school, I could finally learn and study what I wanted ...


How Self-Care Became So Much Work

The United States is no stranger to self-improvement, from the meditation and essential oils of the 60s to the Jane Fonda aerobics tapes of the 1980s and the fat-free-everything 1990s. “Nothing can br...


Kemper's Self-Improvement Plan Is Generating Strong Results

Kemper has put together a string of quarters with better than expected premium growth, particularly in its core non-standard auto business, and improving core underwriting performance. Driving lower l...


Practical Techniques to Develop Self Improvement and Change Your Life

The expression ‘personal growth’ is very commonly used in the 21st century. In fact, it is so popular a term that actually, many of us have lost sight of exactly what it means. What exactly does it me...


Take these online self-improvement classes and learn how to get fit, work smart, and start your own business

In the pursuit of your dreams, it can sometimes feel like it’s you against the world. But really, the situation is simpler than that: it’s you against your own self-doubt. To overcome that pessimistic ...