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Self Improvement News

Airman’s goal highlights endurance, self-improvement

The Ironman Triathlon is a challenge which tests the athletic skill and endurance of its participants, many of whom do not cross the finish line. The event, held throughout the world, consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile marathon ...


The 6 Elements of Self-Care You Probably Didn't Know About

Effectively practicing self-care requires making sure the needs of each of the wheel's dimensions are met with meaning, and evaluating which areas still need improvement. Check out a breakdown along with examples of how you can work on your mind ...


This Self-Care Wheel Will Show You Which Areas of Your Life Need Improvement

When self-care comes to mind, many of us may associate the practice with baths, naps, and yoga. And while those are definitely a few ways to address your needs, self-care encompasses far more than that. In fact, according to the self-care wheel created by ...


Dr. Ida Greene Comes Up with a Self-Improvement Book That Tackles Independence and Self-Reliance

It sometimes takes moments of being alone to accomplish great things in life. Dr. Ida Greene opens up an interesting subject on being alone, which she expounds in her book, “How to Be Alone Without Feeling Lonely.” This self-help book will surely get ...


Self-Awareness is Essential in Business Leadership

... awareness void A lack of self-awareness can leave executives in the dark about their impact on the business and the people who make it run. An open mind is needed, as is acknowledging that there is always room for improvement in leadership skills.


How to Stop Being a Doormat and Regain Your Self-Respect

We also need to fuel ourselves with emotional and spiritual “good stuff”. We can meet some of these needs ourselves through self-care activities such as exercise, prayer, singing, or meditation. Other needs are fulfilled through relationships with others.